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Dennis Luddy is the sole owner of the All-in Poker Dealer Training Center. A real entrepreneur, Dennis has owned many successful businesses since a young age, beginning at 17. His casino career began 20+ years ago when his acute sense of numbers and wit was discovered and coached by a prominent high limit player. Dennis quickly became a frequent player and winner in numerous tournaments and events. He has held many high profile positions in the gaming industry, including Manager of Sonoma Joes Casino in Petaluma, Manager of Napa Valley Casino in American Canyon, Lead Consultant at San Pablo Casino, and Lead Consultant and Supervisor at Winner Circle. Dennis has also assisted many California Clubs in designing and carrying out promotions, resolving all aspects of the clubs management issues, and helping the buying and selling of Clubs in California. Dennis formed the first training center in the Napa Valley Casino in 2005 and opened his 1st training facility in American Canyon, right next to the Napa Valley Casino where he worked. He was drawn into this endeavor because he had seen too many job seekers fail their auditions when looking for the dealer positions at the casino. With the success story of Yo Yo Zhang (read the story in the previous tab), Dennis opened a 2nd training location in Oakland.